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BBC small reporter British education visiting group

2018/2/8 0:41:16 Edit:FLE

Project implementation time: 16 -8 month, August 3, 2017

Number of participants: 32

Project location: London, Cambridge, Scotland, Edinburgh

Project background:

The growth of young people is also inseparable from the international perspective and scientific world outlook. More and more children choose to go abroad to study in the growth stage, expand their international vision, enrich their life experience and sharpen their own character. In the BBC reporter UK education exchange delegation ", the children can not only experience the pure British culture, into British universities, but also into the headquarters of the BBC visit, become a truly international young reporter, this is to improve their ability of observation, communication ability and analysis ability will benefit a lot.

Project features:

At the invitation of the British BBC, the small reporter went to the UK and accepted the leadership of BBC radio, welcomed the reception, listened to the history of BBC radio, interviewed the radio leaders, and became a real international small reporter.

At the invitation of the Cambridge municipal government hall, the small reporter went to Cambridge city hall and government officials to understand the history and culture of Cambridge face to face, and take a photo of the mayor with the mayor's suit.

The Hilton Hotel in Cambridge studies English etiquette table culture, the real Royal afternoon tea, a real British Royal aristocrat.

Visit the famous Madame Tussaud's and take a photo with the most dazzling celebrities all over the world

Visiting famous English universities in Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh to experience the school atmosphere and unique culture of the UK

Go north to Scotland, experience the multiculturalism of the British Empire and feel the style of the plaid

Visit the Cadbury chocolate factory, watch the production of all kinds of chocolates and taste the freshest Cadbury chocolate

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