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2018 Future Engineer competition in the UK

2018/6/26 13:50:52 Edit:

With the history of 13 years’ domestic committee experience, the 2018 Future Engineer Youth STEM Maker Challenge UK will be co-hosted by National Institute of Education Sciences (China) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET), for the first time overseas in the UK. This international competition aims to promote education innovation, reform personnel training models, and develop the scientific spirit, innovative thinking, creativity, and social responsibility throughout the education process. More importantly, it proposes to deepen the understanding and exchanges between young people in China and the UK. The UK Organizing Committee Secretariat will be executed by First Landing Education, responsible for the guidance and implementation of the competition and related work.



The detailed proposal is as follows:

1. Organizations

Sponsor: National Institute of Education Sciences

Co-organizer: The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Organizer: National Youth Future Engineer Award and Competition Organizing Committee

Support Organizations: National STEM Learning Centre(To be confirm) 

                                      Cambridge Science Park 

                                      Arm Limited (Cambridge)

UK Organizer: First Landing Education Ltd.


2. Time and Location

Date: Saturday, 25th August 2018

Location: Sports Center, University of Cambridge


3. Competition Event

A. Science Drama

B. Science Fair

C. Arm-based ‘Internet of Things’ Creative Design Race

Call service (Nation-wide service hot-line)

+86 10 64459669

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