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FLE-arm"Explore Internet of Things Realise your future dream"Youth Internet of Things UK course training.

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STEAM education originated in the United States and aims to help students understand the connections between different disciplines from more perspectives and improve their ability to comprehensively apply knowledge to solve real-world problems. In 2015, China officially issued relevant policies to support the development of STEAM education, which has aroused widespread concern in various industries in China. However, although there are many companies engaged in STEAM education in China, the quality is uneven, and the excellent teaching concept is rare.

After more than a year of research and preparations for the same industry, First Landing Education (FLE) has reached a global strategic partnership with the famous British chip technology company arm to jointly create a touch of the Internet of Things for the youth Internet of Things. The core of the curriculum system. In August 2018, FLE-arm conducted an experience course for 20 children from China and 19 children from the UK in Cambridge, England.

arm park interview

Chinese students who participated in the training of “Touching the IOT, Future Core” course came to the headquarters of the world's top chip design company arm. The global campus project manager of the arm met with the children and introduced the arm company and its high-tech field in detail. Achievements and predict the important role that the Internet of Things will play in the future of human society.


In the course, he introduced the concept of smart city and smart home, as well as the three major problems facing the city: transportation, garbage and light. He analyzed the impact of these three issues on cities and families and proposed solutions that technology can provide.

Next, the students grouped and discussed the three major problems of the city mentioned by the arm manager, analyzed the causes and solutions of the problems, and finally sent a group representative to take a 2-minute speech. This activity is to let children understand the challenges that smart cities and smart families bring to modern life. Encourage children to use scientific thinking to solve problems and provide solutions while cultivating their ability to speak in English. Finally, the arm project manager took the students to visit the arm headquarters. Headquartered in the city of Cambridge, Arm has more than 1,700 employees and has offices around the world, including design centers in Belgium, France, India, Sweden and the United States.


arm training course

FLE engineers and arm engineers teach students together, mainly on the theme of smart city and smart home, using the concept of Internet of Things, let students realize the design of smart home and scene through programming and cloud technology. The course content is divided into three parts:

1. Basic knowledge of programming

2. Circuit board and sensor familiarity and operational connection

3. Program training for debug detection in node-red cloud

Because it is an experiential course, FLE integrates the one-week course into one day for teaching. After a day of training, the students felt that the course was novel and interesting, but the content was more and more difficult. I hope that there will be more time to learn and explore in the future.


Future engineer

In order to test the training results of this course, Chinese and English students participated in the "arm synergy competition" competition held at the Cambridge University Sports Center. Among them, there were 6 groups of 6 students in the Chinese side and 19 students from 5 groups in the UK. The theme of the competition should be selected in the “Smart Home” and “Smart City”. The participating teams will decide by means of on-site lottery.


The referee team consisting of four experts from arm company and the British Engineering Technology Association IET scored the participating teams. The assessment method is carried out through the display of works. This requires the team members to work together. Some players debug the works. Some players give demonstrations to the referees. The teamwork ability and English expression ability of the students can be improved. After the presentation, the referee made a detailed and professional review for each team, not only indicating the advantages, but also suggesting the shortcomings and improvement plans. Finally, through the statistical score, the referees selected the winning group.


Although the competition was ranked, the participating students were rewarded to affirm that they used their spare time to practice after a short day of training, and encouraged them to continue to be curious about scientific exploration and enthusiasm for solving practical problems!


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