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Global education core backbone teachers UK training and exchange

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Project implementation time: October 27, 2018 - November 5, 2018

Project participants: Global education IELTS project investors, executive principals and key teachers

Project Location: London, Cambridge, Oxford, UK

Background of the project:

“Global education Training and Exchange Program in the UK” is an international communication and training event designed for the core teachers of the National IELTS School. It aims to be rich in pure English teaching atmosphere and cultural experience in the UK's higher education institutions.

Sexual training courses and visiting activities effectively improve the English and professional skills of IELTS teachers, enhance teaching experience, broaden the teaching ideas, and provide valuable reference for future teaching work, laying a solid foundation.

On the other hand, experience the rich culture of the historical and cultural atmosphere in the UK, strengthen its sense of identity with British culture, and integrate it into the IELTS teaching class to stimulate students' English learning pleasure from the cultural aspect.

Program features:

  • Three major lectures: visit to CBBC, Cambridge University Examination Board, Cambridge City Hall; Curtis Cambridge Culture Lecture;

  • Two-day Cambridge University Education Program Training, Cambridge University Education Certificate;

  • Visit the local IELTS in the UK;

  • Develop an international education vision and fully understand the innovation of UK education;

  • Visit the famous historical and cultural city of Britain in person and experience the historical and cultural connotations of the UK and integrate into the local social and cultural characteristics.

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