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STEM Teacher Training Phase II were successfully held in Beijing

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On May 8th 2019, sponsored by the Centre for STEM Education of National Institute of Education Sciences and the National STEM Learning Center, Haidian Teachers' Training school and Tsinghua university affiliated middle school, the second phase of "STEM teacher training" which was also co-sponsored by the First Landing Education and The Association of Education and Technology (AET), has come to a successful ending  in the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua.


At the opening ceremony, Su Wang, the director of the Centre for STEM Education of National Institute of Education Sciences, Dianjun Wang, the principal of the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua, and Junhong Shen, the vice principal of Haidian teachers' training school, delivered their speeches one after another and gave a warm welcome to the teachers who have come from so far. The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhigang Liu, the assistant director of the Centre for STEM Education of National Institute of Education Sciences. Ms. Su Wang pointed out that during the first STEM teacher training we focused on the cultivation of the teachers' engineering thinking. While in the second training we combined STEM with the actual teaching closely. Teachers were trained how to integrate the STEM education into the existing disciplines. Through different categories of technology, we also tried to strengthen the teachers' ability to integrate and put STEM into use .In this way we hoped to cultivate their creativity, collaboration and their ability to solve problems.

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                                      Su Wang                                                                                      Dianjun Wang


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                                   Junhong Shen                                                                                Zhigang Liu



The Root Tracing

Think about the global education hot topic, I believe that STEM is the one and the only. Around the whole world, in many countries the STEM courses are being actively implemented now. But for those educators who have never been in touch with the relevant fields, how should they cope with the trend? Based on the international and domestic background, the National Institute of Education Sciences has put forward the "China STEM Education 2029 Innovation Action Plan" for the whole society. This plan is a joint outlook for the STEM education in the next ten years, which is put forward by the experts and scholars in view of China's national conditions, which has a clear direction for the popularization of the STEM education in China. With the goal of promoting the development of STEM education in China and providing the talent support for the implementation of the national strategy, the proposal has gained wide attention from all walks of society within just one year.


Keep Excellence and Lead the World. This is the ultimate goal of developing STEM education in the developed countries. In order to promote the development of STEM education and cultivate STEM professionals, we need a group of excellent STEM teachers first.

 Inspiration . Innovation . Pleasant Teaching

The training was aimed at the first group of STEM teachers selected from the whole country. It lasted three days. The Senior experts from the National STEM Education Center of the United Kingdom gave lessons  in person. They interpreted the teaching concepts of STEM through the first visual angle and led teachers to explore the learning resources and hardware equipment in the field of STEM, integrate STEM into their teaching and develop clear courses for STEM. Finally they discussed and made some action plans.

IMG_3366.JPG                                                                   Michael Anderson, Mathematics Specialist, National STEM Learning Centre                                                  

Two experts cited many cases during the course. Through a comprehensive analysis, they all included STEM elements in them. It can be seen that STEM education can solve some problems in our daily life and also promote the social and economic development. Thus, we can see that through questions, STEM teaching can trigger students' exploration, and they will solve the problems creatively, and also, they will be happy to use their brains and hands to make inventions or carry out some research projects. In the process, it is not necessary for the teachers to be experts, but they can guide students and encourage them to try more and find the solutions to problems by themselves.


Mark Langley, Science CPD Lead, Naional STEM Learning Centre

The essence of STEM curriculum is the interdisciplinary integration, but it is difficult to find a teacher who is proficient in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Therefore, it is more important for the STEM teachers to teach students the ability to face the future. In the implementation of the whole course, the STEM teacher is the leader and coordinator, mainly doing the job of the process management.

The training courses is both practical and theoretical. As long as you have a positive and optimistic learning motivation, the teachers, science or liberal arts will surely have something to gain.

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Whatever the heart desires, it will be achieved through action

Among those more than 70 first group of STEM teachers, they were mostly the teachers and principals of STEM pilot schools all over the country. They teach mathematics, computer, biology, science, physics, Chinese, English and other subjects. They hope that they can also contribute to the development of STEM education with their own efforts with this training.


As the builder of Sino-British educational resources platform, as always First Landing Education has been promoting Sino-British educational and cultural exchanges as its mission. We have always been committed to the original intention of promoting the essence of British education to the world as our mission to build a bridge between Chinese and British education. At the same time, with its own efforts FLE also hopes to contribute to the improvement and promotion of STEM education in China step by step and promote the vigorous development of education in China.


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