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The Future Engineers Competition UK Office was officially established

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Future Engineer Competition Global Plan

Since August 2018, the National Future Engineers Expo and Competition Organizing Committee officially established a partnership with First Landing Education. The final of the National Future Engineer Competition officially embarked on the international stage. The success of the British competition was well received by the leaders and experts of the Chinese organizing committee. The future engineer international project design adopts the form of “UK STEM Education + technology experience + International competition exchange”, allowing children to enjoy international top-quality STEM resources while developing the international vision and in-depth communication with international players, compete, gain friendship, and quickly improve the practical ability of STEM discipline through the competition.


2018 Future Engineer Youth STEM  Make UK Challenge

After two years of cooperation with First Landing Education, the Future Engineers Competition Organizing Committee has a new plan to radiate the future engineer competition from China to the UK, from the UK to the whole of Europe in the next ten years, and let the world participant. Let more people fall in love with STEM, show their potential and talents on the platform of future engineer’s competition, and spread the concept of future engineer’s competition to cultivate science and technology talents around the world.

image.pngThe leaders of the organizing committee visited FLE's headquarters in Cambridge Science Park

On August 21, 2019, the leaders of the Organizing Committee of the Future Engineers Competition came to First Landing Education's office located at the Cambridge Science Park in the United Kingdom. The representative of the organizing committee, Ms. Su Wang, and the Secretary-General of the Competition Organizing Committee, Mr. Zhigang Liu affirmed the work with FLE in the past two years. The headquarters of the First Landing Education UK is officially authorized as the “National Future Engineers Expo and Competition Committee” UK Office”


Organizing committee leaders and Julie Bushell, Cambridge Science Park Operations Manager


Authorization ceremony


Authorization ceremony

Responsibility and functions


Ms. Sabrina Wu, founder and CEO of First Landing Education in the UK, accepted the power of attorney under the witness of Ms. Julie Bushell, Operations Manager of the Cambridge Science Park Management Committee. At the same time, there was also the chief referee of the National Future Engineer Competition, Ms. Jingqun Zhai and Mr. Zuchun Wang. After the establishment of the UK office of the Future Engineers Competition, we will be able to promote the Future Engineer Competition in Europe more quickly and broadly, disseminate the concept of future talent training for engineers, and at the same time carry forward the Chinese culture as our mission, and sharing the results of the China Future Engineer Competition in the UK STEM Education. FLE's Sabrina said that the establishment of the UK office is encouragement and affirmation of FLE's work over the past two years, but it is a responsibility and challenge for the future. FLE will carry out the docking integration of the expert resources including the British G5 school and the British famous enterprise resources will be continuously delivered to the future engineer competition group meeting. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, the future engineer competition and expo activities will shine in China, British and even Europe!

image.pngLeader of the Organizing Committee exchanges gifts with Julie Bushell, Operations Manager of Cambridge Science Park

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