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2017 The Second Oxbridge Elite Students' China Lecture Circuit were successfully held in Beijing

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On April 6, 2017, the "Second Overseas Elite Students' Exchange Event in China", hosted by First Landing Education, was officially launched at the British Ambassador to China. The launch ceremony was attended by relevant people from the British Embassy in China, the Ministry of Education, the China International Education Exchange Association and the British Business Centre.


After a rigorous registration screening mechanism, the second overseas elite students to China to exchange activities finally selected 17 outstanding international schools and public schools. And in the school carried out a variety of campus lectureactivities, including lectures, symposiums, international classes, interviews and dialogues. This activity not only strengthens the international educational characteristics of the school, improve the school's visibility, but also lets the teachers and staff of the institutions harvest teaching inspiration, enrich the teaching concept, enhance the effectiveness of teaching work and inspiration mobilization.


Event feedback

"This time to our school to give a lecture students i have to admire, they put into work and then return edato research, to show that they really love academic research from the heart, and is combined with their own practical experience and social life to explore in depth, such a scholar spirit is worthy of our study." In the field of cultivating students, we should not only encourage students to study hard, but also encourage them to pay attention to social life, enrich social experience, find their own willing to participate in the field of learning, to become a meaningful person to society. Thanks to the students for the profound inspiration, I hope that the niu Sword students will continue to visit our school next year to enhance exchanges. "The principal of the school


"Listening to the students' wonderful lectures, I think they set a good example for the children, let me realize the importance of self-learning ability, I used to give children more mandatory pressure, in fact, should be more to cultivate their interests, let them spontaneously love learning, willing to study in their favorite areas; As parents, we should not impose our own ideas and demands on our children, but should develop their independent thinking ability and decision-making skills, and respect their interests and wishes, so that children can go as far as possible. Hope that in the future can continue to have such excellent students to carry out lecture activities, open our horizons. "Parents of high school students

"After listening to the lecture, I strengthened my determination to attend a prestigious British school, and I looked forward to the culture, education and environment there, and, through communication with cambridge students, I gained very useful information about my application strategy, clear direction of effort, and I admired them for their spirit of study. We have benefited from the encouragement to every student we have here to a great extent. " sophomore


Overseas elite students to China cultural exchange public welfare activities have just been held two times, the future we will hold the third, fourth, has continued. Activities also adhere to the principle of education, public welfare, service, education feelings to do education public welfare, through the experience of overseas elite students to share, the transmission of positive energy of education, so that the internationalization of Chinese education into the campus, into the hearts of every Chinese student.



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