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Project Description

Overseas study tour


Offering unique design, marketing, sales and receiving services  

The overseas study tour aims to provide a holistic educational experience. Within these tours learning and travelling are combined to provide an experience that develops a student’s academic level and broadens their cultural horizons.

Our dedicated staff and high levels of service seek to provide some of the best enrichment experiences possible. Examples of the packages that are offered include “European Literary Experience”, “Top 8 British Universities”, “China-Europe Beauty Specialist Communication Tour” and “Harvard University, East & West Coast USA”. Based on the research of your company and the needs of your customers we will recommend the most suitable product and marketing plans to our long-term partners.


Service Includes

Qualified instruction in ideal locations  


We can provide students with a variety of courses in different campuses.

Campuses included are Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Hastings.

Suitable for students ages 14 to 18 years old.  

Suitable for a range of English language levels, from beginner to advanced.

Choice to stay in halls of residence (located on campus) or with a host family.

Exciting academic and extracurricular activities.


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Our Courses

Our summer courses include:

General and intensive English language courses.

A mixture of nationalities.

Maximum of 15 students per class.

Breakfast and dinner are included with accommodation (Campus lunch during weekdays with a packed lunch provided at weekends)

Short term travelling and activities available

Study materials

Transcript report and certificate once course is completed.

24 hour emergency on-call support


Short term travelling

Half and full day activities available, including visiting museums, theatre, hiking, city exploration and rural sight-seeing.   

Campus activities

Our teachers lead extracurricular activities including football, tennis, badminton, cooking, art design, treasure hunting and Q&A games.

Evening party

Students aged above 15 have the opportunity to participate in evening parties. The events include a talent and fashion performance, music show, and international nights. These events provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy your time with your new foreign friends.

Host family

Students staying with a host family will experience slightly different activities to those staying on campus. Students will participate in evening activities with their host family at last three times a week.


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English language learning

Our language training programmes focus on developing speaking and listening skills in a small class setting. Working within the flexible and interactive teaching framework students will not only see their English comprehension increase, but also build confidence and enjoy their learning.

Culture club

Our English club is aimed at further developing listening and speaking skills, for those who wish to pursue higher education abroad.

Use of technology

Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors, computers and interactive whiteboards. As technology becomes ever more important in modern education, we seek to full utilize it to ensure an interesting and comprehensive studying experience.

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Student welfare

There is a professional individual on each campus to maintain student wellbeing during the programme of study. We also have a set of emergency staff who can contact local medical centres, dentists and hospitals.

24 hour emergency support

Every student will receive a contact card with the information of their host family and supervisors. These contacts can be used in the case of any emergency.



Wheatley College, Oxford Brookes University

Age Group: 15+

Location: 2km from the city centre



Age group: 15+

Location : The Learning Centre is located 10 minutes by bus from the city centre.




Age group : 15+

Location: A 5 minute walk from Brighton train station.  




Age group: 14+

Location: Gensing Manor Campus, located a 20 minute walk from the town centre.



Qualified instruction in ideal locations.