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Project Outline   

People living in modern cities, with their busy work-centred lifestyles, often have no time to stop and enjoy small joyous moments of life. We can provide an opportunity for you to use your holiday to have a life changing experience of living in Cambridge or Oxford, to recapture the magic of studying whilst experiencing the culture of Great Britain with new friends from all over the world.  

Relieve yourself from the pressure of working in a bustling modern city, and give yourself a long-overdue moment of peace whilst creating unforgettable lifelong memories. Also, do not let your English level become a hindrance to your participation in our programmes!

Our tours are open to incumbent employees, university and college students/graduates.

Porgramme Guide

1. Flexible time arrangements. There are 2, 4 and 8 week tours.

2. Choice of campuses, with access to free Wi-Fi, PC and library facilities.

3. Choice of half day or full day courses.

4. Choose between campus residence and host family. Breakfast and dinner are provided during weekdays, with a host families providing breakfast at the weekend.  

5. Students are streamed according to their entrance test results.

6. Study and travel together with international classmates.

7. Certification provided.