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Introduction and Prospect

 What is tailor made holiday?

A tailored holiday is a popular travelling choice when visiting foreign countries, as the design of the itinerary is based on the customers’ personal demands. Generally, travelers can enjoy travelling the way they want.  

There are 3 types of travelling: group travel, self-travel and tailored holiday.


Disadvantages of group travel

1.      Uniform group arrangements. The tour is often on a fixed track with little deviation from its intended route.

2.      Price variation: The tour could have been sold at different prices for different members of the group. This could lead to group members being deceived.

3.      Unfair treatment: regularly there are too many people in one group, and it can be difficult for the travel company to appease all group members. This is due to the customer’s different characters, backgrounds, habits and temperament.

4.      Guide: To reduce costs, the company won’t allow the guild to enter sightseeing spots.

5.      Sightseeing: Occasionally rushed, just like the poem, “Very quietly I take my leave. As quietly as I came here gently I flick my sleeves Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away” 


 Penalties of self-travel

1.      Safety: most people do not have experience of self-travelling, and there are so many unknown aspects can bring you dangers and fears in a strange nation. 

2.      Timing: the preparation will take you a long time, potentially even longer than the actual journey. For example: travelling strategy, sightseeing research, transportation and hotel booking etc.

3.      Guide: it goes without saying that a non-guided tour will be difficult. There will be lots of situations out of your control such as illness and what to do in the case of injury.