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Project introduction

Introduction of FLE teacher training programme


Every year, FLE arranges for thousands of teachers to go the UK for study and training. The teacher training programme is designed for teachers from primary, middle and high schools as well as universities. We take English speakers who teach English as a second language, and with the additional guidance of experienced teachers seek to promote candidates understanding of English and their teaching skills.  


Developing teaching skills is the driving force behind the whole programme. Further to skill training, we can also offer to develop participants understanding of the British education system and culture. Combined with the aim of improving our candidates’ teaching standard, there are also optional courses available such as English language course, middle school and university foundation courses and professional courses. We will do our best to provide one to one training schemes for each and every participant so they can make progress and develop the standard of their teaching.


During the training period, FLE will also arrange some guest professors to provide lectures to aid candidates’ understanding of teaching English as an additional language.