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Course content

A-level/GCSE training: Programme of Study


Day1: General training:


By Jun Yang-Williams, Kristopher Boulton


§  Analysing UK/China educational differences through the eyes of a Chinese teacher

§ A-level teaching pedagogy

§  General course introduction


Day 2: Subject training:


§ Business and Economics: Oliver Beach


Student-Led Learning in Economics

Teaching to A*

Comparative Modelling


Mathematics and Physics: Kristopher Boulton


Physics - Topic 3 - Mechanics

Mathematics – Mechanics, Differentiation and Integration (modules M1, C1 and C2)

§ What is 'learning,' and how is it different to 'understanding'?

§ Despite the literal translation from Greek into English as 'Triangle Measurement,' Trigonometry is actually the language of waves.  On day two we will explore the connections between content in the physics and mathematics A level curricula on the topic of waves.

§  Chemistry: Jun Yang-Williams


Introducing a new alternative practical examination in A-level Chemistry Edexcel

§ To consider the reasons for doing experimental work and how to ensure such tasks are clearly linked to skill and conceptual outcomes;

§  Examples of core practicals;

§  Examples of students’ work;  


Good practical work and demonstrations on topic 5 (GCSE)


Day 3: (Morning session)


§  Business and Economics: Oliver Beach


Putting it in practice: 

§ Developing exceptional lessons

§  Writing, marking and stretching through essay writing


We will be looking at inflation, aggregate demand, unemployment and economic Growth.


§  Mathematics and Physics: Kristopher Boulton


Physics - Topic 2 - Wave and Particle Nature of Light

Mathematics – Trigonometry (Module C2)


§   Chemistry: Jun Yang-Williams


Sharing good practice on ‘student-centred’ teaching style

§ Open discussion on climate change associated with burning fuels

§ Looking at how to asses open questions on examinations


Day 3: (afternoon session)

§ Feedback

§  Content of future UK sessions

§ Certificate issuing